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How to Always Pay the Lowest Possible Price on Digital Products

Hello and welcome to my e-book on recieving discounts on just about everything on the internet that is a digital product. A digital product is goods or services you can purchase and download to your computer over the internet such as computer software, music, games, videos, ect. First of all let me share with you how I found this information out. One day I purchased a product over the internet and downloaded the application to my computer. After I had purchased the product the website in which I had purchased it from offered other products and services I could buy. I declined and then they offered the same products at a discount claiming this is a one time offer available only for today. Who hasn't seen this before right? I again declined and that was that, but the discount they were willing to give me was significantly lower than the full purchase price. That made me think, "I wonder if I had orginally declined the original product if they would have given me a discount as well." I decided to search for that product again, as if I had never purchased it, and go through the motions of paying for it again only this time declining every offer. To my surprise after declining payment several times, they kept lowering the price until it reached an incredible 75% discount! At first I was angry because I had just paid almost $40 bucks for this product that I could have had for only $10! This is called down selling. Almost every company does this because if they can get ANYTHING out of you its better than nothing. Its amazing. I once found a service that cost over $200 dollars and by the time I had declined (several times) it dropped to only $20!!! Can you believe that! Some people out there have purchased this service for the $200 not knowing that if they simply had said "no" they would have been down sold to a much lower asking price! So my advise to you is anytime you want to purchase a digital product over the internet, download the free application, or if they want payment first, just say NO! Say NO as many times as it takes before your browser will let you navigate away from the page and see how much their willing to drop their price. Make sure you count how many times you had to say no in order to be able to leave and write down or remember what their lowest price was. Then go back to their website and proceed to checkout again, only this time say NO until you see their lowest price offer. (It won't matter if they had said it was a ONE TIME OFFER or TODAY ONLY when you were there last. They always say that. Its a common marketing tactic to get you to buy.) Also there website can track you, as does any website through "cookies", but that only tracks where that computer has been, not who the user actually was and has no idea who you are until you make a purchase. So, quick review. Count how many times you say no, navigate away from their page, re-navigate back to their page, decline offer until lowest possible price pops up, make purchase. Then you can be confident you got the best price possible. Products that practice this tecnique can be viewed on our Home page. Thank You and please visit us again.


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